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Welcome to my Law Office on the Web. I feel the most important thing you should know about me and my practice is that I offer a General Practice law firm. Meaning the same types of services offered in a firm on Main Street USA is the types of legal services that are available with me. One of the things that set me apart from the rest is that I understand that few of us are independently wealthy and that we all have to work. I also appreciate many times we are away from work we aren't receiving pay. Because of these understandings, I am willing to work with you on your schedule and available for appointments after the traditional "Lawyers Hours." I offer my last meeting at 7 pm Monday through Friday and can meet on Saturday and Sundays as well.

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If you are looking for an Attorney that is personable and offers quick and friendly customer service, then I hope you consider doing business with me. Finally, if you aren't sure what to do, or where to turn. Give me a call. If I can't help you, I am happy to find you someone that can.